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    Hi, this is Lisa. I am going to have a busy weekend. On Saturday, I’m going to do my homework. then, I’m going to buy a book about Harry Potter. It’s my favourite book. I have a lot of posters of Harry Potter. After lunch, I’m going to visit my grandparents and play with my cousins, Denis and and Alice. they are active. Dennis likes singing very much. Alice likes drawing pictures. We often play hide-and-seek together. In the evening, I’ll help my mom clean the house. I like help my mom with the housework. My mom always says I am a good girl. After that, I am going to read the book about Harry Potter. That will be fun.

    On Sunday, I am going to the stamp show in Qinghui Gardens. I like collecting stamps. I have got 150 stamps. In the evening, I am going to back school. What about you? What are you going to do on the weekend? Can you tell me, please?

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