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    我的老师——修老师作文|我的老师——修老师 英语作文

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    我的老师姓修,是一位年青的女老师,她身材不高不矮、乌黑的头发,披在两肩上、一双动人的眼睛,穿着绿色的外套平易近人,我爱我的老师。My teacher\s surname is Xiu. She is a young female teacher. She is not tall and short, with black hair. She covers her shoulders, has attractive eyes, and wears a green coat. She is approachable. I love my teacher.我的老师讲课认真高中作文,工作负责小学作文辅导,有一个同学名叫林文斌他成绩很差小学作文辅导,考试总不及格,在修老师的精心辅导下,进步很快。My teacher is serious and responsible. There is a classmate named Lin Wenbin who has poor grades and always fails in the exam. With the careful guidance of the tutor, he has made rapid progress.还有一次老师布置我们的教室小学作文辅导,撕纸、贴画、刷白、擦玻璃……累得满头大汗,也不叫苦。把教室布置得焕然一新。Another time the teacher arranged our classroom, tearing paper, pasting pictures, whitewashing and glass cleaning I was so tired that I sweated all over and didn\t cry. Put the classroom on a new look.我们在这样好的环境中学习怎么能不感 谢我的 老师呢
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