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    春游作文|春游 英语作文

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    今天,我们二年级的小朋友去动物园春游。动物园里的动物可多啦,有乱蹦乱跳的小猴子台风作文,有在树上荡来荡去的长臂猿,还有高大的大象、可爱的小白兔、美丽的孔雀,威武的大灰狼在铁笼子里上蹿下跳,让我们看的瞠目结舌、目瞪口呆!Today, our second grade children go to the zoo for a spring outing. There are many animals in the zoo. There are little monkeys jumping around, gibbons swinging around in the trees, big elephants, lovely rabbits, beautiful peacocks, powerful big gray wolves jumping up and down in the iron cage. We are stunned!我最喜欢的动物就是小猴子了。小猴子长的胖胖的,尾巴长长的话题作文,屁股红红的。最重要的是它一跳就能跳的很远台风作文,而且有一只猴子顺着一根铁丝爬上了一个塔的塔顶,还有一只小猴子饿了,偷偷的向我们要饭吃呢!My favorite animal is the little monkey. The little monkey is fat, with long tail and red ass. The most important thing is that it can jump far, and a monkey climbed up the top of a tower along a wire, and a little monkey was hungry, secretly asked us for food!我们看见了一只白色的小鹿,它一看见我们就走起了模特秀,还时不时的向我们扭过头,张开嘴对我们对笑一笑,又转过身来对我们甩尾巴表示友好。我想台风作文,这只小鹿一定很爱美,所以才不会放过一次展示自己的机会。We saw a white deer. As soon as it saw us, it started a model show, turned its head to us from time to time, opened its mouth to smile at us, and turned around to show us a friendly tail. I think this fawn must be very fond of beauty, so it won\t let go of an opportunity to show itself.小动物们真可爱!How lovely the little animals are!
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