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    向雷锋学习作文|向雷锋学习 英语作文

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    锋叔叔是一名解放军自我介绍英语作文,他一生做了许许多多的好事。比如帮战士站岗、扶老人上车、献爱心、捐款做好事从不留名……在我家乡到处可以看到学习雷锋小组。有的帮人理发自我介绍英语作文,有的帮人裁衣服,还有的帮助孤寡老人打扫卫生……啊!家乡处处都是雷锋。Uncle Lei Feng is a PLA man. He has done many good things in his life. For example, helping soldiers stand guard, helping the elderly get on the train, offering love, donating money to do good deeds and never leaving a name In my hometown, you can see Lei Feng Group. Some help people cut their hair, some help people cut their clothes, and some help the lonely old man clean up Ah! Lei Feng is everywhere in his hometown.我该怎么向雷锋叔叔学习呢?我要在学校里帮助同学,要帮助老人过大街。星期天和同学们上街打扫卫生擦栏杆扶手,还有植树造林话题作文自我介绍英语作文,这就是向雷锋叔叔学习。How can I learn from Uncle Lei Feng? I want to help my classmates in school and the old people across the street. On Sunday, I went to the streets with my classmates to clean the railings, and to plant trees. This is to learn from Uncle Lei Feng.我们家乡男男女女个个都在向雷锋叔叔学习,雷锋精神在家乡开花结果。All men and women in our hometown are learning from Uncle Lei Feng. Lei Feng\s spirit blossoms and
    自我介绍英语作文 榜样作文 初中游记作文

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