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    自我介绍作文|自我介绍 英语作文

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    我叫王佳佳,今年八岁,是东关小学二年级的学生。我是一个漂亮的小女孩。My name is Wang Jiajia. I\m eight years old. I\m a sophomore of Dongguan primary school. I am a beautiful little girl.我有一张圆圆的脸,一对大大的眼睛特别有神,一双灵巧的小手,我的个子不太高,我特别爱笑小学作文,笑时露出两个小酒窝。I have a round face, a pair of big eyes, a pair of small dexterous hands. I\m not too tall. I like to laugh very much. When I laugh, I show two dimples.我有许多有点:比如感激作文,我喜欢乐于助人,团结同学感激作文,心地善良,还热爱小动物。I have many points: for example, I like helping others, uniting classmates, being kind-hearted, and loving small animals.我的爱好是:唱歌,跳舞,爱学习。My hobbies are singing, dancing and learning.我的缺点是:平时上课不善于举手发言感激作文,写作业时速度慢,有时粗心大意。My disadvantage is that I\m not good at raising my hand and speaking in class. I\m slow in my homework and sometimes careless.这就是我,现在大家认识了吗?This is me. Do you know each other now?
    感激作文 优秀作文800字 创新作文初中版
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